If You Do It More Than Once; Automate It!

The reason you should choose us for your hearing or audiology practice marketing systems is because we know how to get results. We’re not just a marketing company, we also have our own practice where every idea, concept, marketing piece, and system is tested before it ever gets recommended to you. After years fine-tuning and perfecting this audiology and hearing care marketing automation system, and over $5 million dollars of our own money spent testing our marketing pieces and content, we’ve found what works and where to find the best use for every dollar of your marketing budget.

The Done-For-You on Auto-Pilot, Worry-Free Marketing Solution

Let’s face it: as hearing health care professionals, we didn’t learn how to market in school; we learned how to treat hearing loss, tinnitus, and ultimately how to make patients’ lives better. In the busy world of most specialists who are treating patients, managing staff, and running a business, the implementation and tracking of marketing content and programs oftentimes just doesn’t get done. Some of the best marketing ideas stay as just that – ideas! If they aren’t implemented properly and effectively, the best ideas won’t grow your practice or bring you new patients.

There are so many different ways to market and so many different sales reps who would love for you to spend your marketing dollars on their product without any way of actually tracking or proving that you are getting a return on your investment. Far too often, hearing offices’ marketing plans consist solely of whichever marketing sales rep walked into their office most recently. There’s no strategy involved, no ROI tracking, and no way of knowing if the message is actually bringing back new patients.

 When you work with AUDMA, we only use marketing content and strategies that have been tested, proven in multiple markets, and shown to have a high return on investment. Additionally, we have systems to help track your ROI, so you can be absolutely positive that the money you are spending is growing your practice and bringing you new patients.

 If you’re like most hearing specialists or audiologists, you may have lists of ideas and marketing projects that will either take months to implement or will never get implemented at all. You can trust our company to get your marketing systems up and running within weeks, so you can focus on doing the things you do best in your practice.


The marketing pieces and systems we use are unique and different than anything your competitors are doing. Our goal is to make you the trusted-authority and go-to practice in your market, so this means that you will be our only client in your geographic area.

No Contracts

There are no contracts when you work with AUDMA. If you’re not happy with the services or the results you’re receiving, then you can cancel at any time. We are confident in our systems, our team, and the results you will receive. We know that when you begin seeing your practice grow and increase in new patients that you’ll find that doing business with us is a no-brainer.

Highly Trained Team Advised by Actual Practice Owners, Audiologists, and Hearing Specialists

We aren’t just a marketing company; we are also hearing health care specialists who run a private practice. We’ve been through the same stage of practice growth that you are in right now, and we know how to take your office to the next level.  We’ve seen our clinic grow from $437,000 per year to an empire of over $10.3 million in less than 10 years. We’ve spent millions on marketing that went nowhere and didn’t work. We’ve wasted time and money on projects that didn’t give us a return, and now we’ve learned a better way. We can help you skip past the trial and error period and go straight to the front of the line.

 We’ve discovered how to take proven and tested marketing content and systems and implement them rapidly in our own audiology office and those of clients. Our staff has been trained by us to do this in the real world of a hearing healthcare practice. By adding us as part of your team, you can know that the marketing will get done and it will be done correctly. We will help you and your team get back to treating patients, providing great customer service, and stop guessing if your marketing is working.