Video Testimonials

Written Testimonials


“We put a fake patient into the system because a personal friend is a patient and we wanted to see everything they received.  I was blown away by everything that was sent. We were just floored by everything that you sent, that it was very consistent and right on point

– Terri Edwards


We just wanted to let you know what a terrific job your whole team at Audma has been doing for our company .  The number of reviews we’ve received has increased over 300% over what we were getting before we started with Audma. We have seen significant increase in patient engagement with our consistent messaging on the risks associated with untreated hearing loss  Most importantly is that we have seen a large increase in treatment rates for patients who have been sent the welcome kit by Audma and have read the included materials, (books white papers etc.) Potential patients just know that because the Audma communications are on message and consistent with everything else they see  and hear from our brand (website, direct mail marketing, TV advertising, phones team.), we are THE trusted authority in the community.

I have been in private practice for over 40 years, and have been marketing to patients and prospective patients for over 25 years, and having worked with many agencies, and design professionals, I have to say the quality of the communications, both from a design perspective and being on message with non gimmicky, substantive and informative calls to action is truly world class. You team is always coming up with new ideas and new content, never content to sit back, always looking for the next new idea.

Although Audma is not the lowest cost provider for these services , they are the best , most experienced team out there, and are worth every penny. 

Thanks  to the whole team for a terrific job.

– Richard Kaner


“I was really anxious about everything before sitting down and meeting with AUDMA.  After that meeting, I am feeling really excited about the future.

– Brett Weeks


“AUDMA has been great at keeping us on track, especially during these unpredictable times.

– Laura Vinopal


“We are getting calls for annuals now, even with the stuff (Coronavirus limitations) going on, so the system is working.

– Angela Bright


“I love the consistency, the automation, everything about the AUDMA system.

– Kim Bonney


I want to thank you for all of your work on our behalf. We have had several snowstorms and extremely cold weather which typically shuts down our office. In the last 2 weeks, we have generated $80,000 in hearing aid revenue! During the same time period 2 years ago, we only had $36,000. Thank you for finding a way to get ‘cheeks and my seats’ while overcoming mother nature! I’m excited to see where the rest of the year takes us.

– Dr. Karen Melton, AuD.


“As a Doctor of Audiology, it’s so nice to work with someone that understands that WE as the Doctors in our industry are the differentiating factor for patients to decide where to treat their hearing loss. AUDMA focuses on what’s important: Trust, Authority and Compassion.”

– Dr. Allen Rohe


“They’re the only type of service in our industry that focuses on trust and authority which helps our patients know who to see. I appreciate them so much for taking their automation and proven process and making it about me and my practice.”

– Dr. Christine Pickup: Mt Harrison Audiology


“With AUDMA I know that my patients aren’t going to be slipping through any cracks, every patient gets the follow up they deserve.”

– Dr. Sunni McBride


“AuDMA is the best partner I can think of having to address the typical challenges of hearing health care private practice. They help automate so many important aspects of marketing and patient relationship building in such a customized way. Working with AuDMA allows us to prepare potential patients to proceed with treatment and maintain our special relationship with existing patients in ways we never could without them.”

– Dr. Larry Cardano, Hearing Center of Long Island


“Since we started with AUDMA this has been the best year we’ve had. In the 10 years that I’ve owned the practice, we’ve grown, and this has been the very best year.”

– Dr. Kelley Olenick: Hearing Zone


AUDMA has been great for me because I can quantify that I have grown over 51% in the last 12 months because of their automation system and the team that supports it. I can’t thank them enough.

– Christopher Sumer: Coastal Hearing Aid Center, CA


“My name is Doctor Amy Sapodin, I’m an audiologist and a co-owner of advanced hearing center on Long Island and New York City. When I first heard that you could automate marketing, very quickly I realized how brilliant that was, I thought I would try to do it on my own and was completely unsuccessful and I jumped onboard maybe a year later than I should’ve, that was a major uhm, mistake on my part should I say cause I probably lost a million dollars in doing that. They have been a trustworthy company, a creative company, their content has been outstanding, and top-notch, and I really could not ask for anything more and automating my system taking a lot of those things off my plate, make me not have to worry about those things and they really contributed to doubling my business over the past couple years. “

– Doctor Amy Sapodin: Advanced Hearing Center, NY

“AUDMA has helped us tremendously over the last 9 months with our automation system. Things that we thought that we would be able to do ourselves we were just not able to do without hiring extra people, training, going through all of that process so handing that to AUDMA has been a blessing in disguise because it’s taken a lot of energy, things we can do that we prefer to do and not have to be concerned so much about our patients getting educated before they walk in the door, getting emails, reminding them of appointment scheduling, hearing test scheduling, different things like that so it’s been great for us. If you’re thinking about automating database, different things like that to get more leads, more people into your office, I strongly encourage you to contact Audma, speak to them. I would definitely refer someone to AUDMA.”

– Brian Green: Posey Hearing, CA

“Hello I’m doctor Greg Moore, I am an Audiologist and a practice owner in Sun city Arizona. You know, after doing this for so long, I can tell you that it’s the single most important thing I did for the practice is taking the weight off my shoulder in automation and trying to keep in touch with the patients, patient retention, there’s just no way I can give quality care to my patients and do everything else that’s necessary to keep the practice growing and retaining the patients that I have. I can’t say enough about them, they’re fantastic and I can’t believe every other audiologist isn’t using them right now.”

– Dr. Greg Moore: Moore Audiology, AZ

“The Blueprint OMS integration with AUDMA’s automation system works seamlessly. The AUDMA system nurtures our leads and patients without us having to do any additional input into Blueprint OMS. All campaigns are updated and launched seamlessly. The AUDMA system is the most powerful marketing tool I’ve ever come across in this industry and together with Blueprint OMS’ system, it allows me to put my practice on autopilot.”

– Doctor Tim Winstead