1060 S Main Street STE 101A, St. George UT 84770

1060 S Main Street STE 101A, St. George UT 84770

1060 S Main Street STE 101A, St. George UT 84770

Our  Story

Jared braders grandma


Our story begins in May 2010 when, returning from college, Jared noticed his grandmother struggling to hear and took her to the local hearing health care center for hearing aids.

While helping his grandmother through the process, Jared noticed deficiencies in patient experience and broken business processes.  This led Jared to offer his recently earned MBA consulting services to the practice owner, who accepted within two short months.



In 2013, Jared after working in the practice daily, and learning each position with the company, became the Director of Operations and was asked to present at the Oticon Marketing Bootcamp due to his unprecedented private practice growth. 

During this event, Jared was approached for consulting services by a handful of other practice owners and accepted the opportunity to help them grow as well.  Officially starting his private practice consulting career.

sound of life

Later in 2014

Jared decided it was only right to contribute proceeds from his consulting career back to those patients in need of hearing health care.  He founded the Sound of Life Foundation for adults in need.

audma logo


In 2015, he took one of the most exciting steps in his career and founded AUDMA; the industry’s first automated marketing system.  His goal was to help our profession strengthen private practice while treating more patients through the deployment of his marketing systems.

dr darrow and jared brader


In 2016, while presenting at another audiology convention, Jared met Dr. Keith Darrow, PhD, and ultimately took him on as a client.  Jared grew Dr. Darrow’s practice 300% year-over-year, helped Dr. Darrow to become an Amazon.com Best-Selling Author, and helped him become an audiology influencer.



In 2017, Jared stepped away from AUDMA, leaving the organization in a new owner’s hands while he pursued a different path for private practices.


In 2018, Jared release his first book, ‘The Renegade Audiology Mindset Shift’ which reaches #1 on Amazon New Releases and Best-Sellers in audiology.  

inc 500


In 2018, Jared was awarded his first of many to come, Inc. 5000 awards and recognized as one of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies.

ifah logo

Spring 2019

Jared and Dr. Keith Darrow are awarded a Top-50 Health Care Companies in America for their Intermountain Audiology & Hearing and Brain Centers.

audma logo

Fall 2019

Jared returns to take control of AUDMA and deploy his newest systems, marketing automations, and content that has been developed and proven in his growing Hearing and Brain Centers of America network.

Proudest Accomplishment … Our Growing List of Private Practice Clients!

Jared’s pride in Championing the Private Practices of America is best expressed in his own words:


“As I’ve been able to travel the country and coach private practice owners, I know that changing team mindset, practice culture, and deploying tested and proven marketing and operational systems has helped our profession treat more of the 42 million in need of hearing loss and tinnitus treatment.  Bringing proven solutions to practice owners has allowed those owners to spend more time with their families and loved ones, more time traveling this beautiful earth, and more energy building the next generation of team members and leader for their respective practices. I love that I can count on these practices to do exceptional patient care so I can continue to focus on developing additional marketing strategies to benefit our clients.”


– Jared Brader, MBA

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