Our 5-Part Program

At AUDMA Our Mission Is Your Market Authority; Practice

At AUDMA, we can help you become the trusted-authority in your market, which will allow
your practice to automatically and predictably treat more patients by implementing our
proven, 5-part program.

Step 1: Build Your Market Authority

The right authority shares a message that doesn’t simply make you look like a great choice – it makes you the obvious and only choice for anyone seeking hearing health care treatment! We work with you to produce an irresistible offer and a message that differentiates you from your ‘competitors’ and O.T.C. options. In short, you are the best option in your area, and we make sure your marketing system and assets show it.

A book alone doesn’t make you an authority, though. We also ensure that your entire marketing system, strategy, and assets have trust-based medical marketing messaging throughout. During your initial visit to St. George, you will spend a few hours creating your vault of authority marketing content, from videos and audio, to newspaper and direct mail assets that can be used for years to come as you grow your practice.

Step 2: Turn Your Marketing System on Autopilot

The best system in the world is useless unless it happens every time, on time, without fail or fault! Our philosophy is simple; ‘Anything you do more than twice, should be automated!’ When patients raise their hand for more information, need more education before they begin treatment, have an upcoming birthday, are due for an annual hearing evaluation or warranty expiration, what happens next shouldn’t rely on you or a staff member remembering to set aside time to get it done amidst the hundreds of other duties you have. Our automated system covers EVERYTHING we’ve found within a private practice that needs to happen more than twice.

Our system oversees review requests, daily KPI reporting, task management, patient nurture follow up, and much more! The type of automations we can do these days allows us to keep you in front of people who need your treatment but don’t even know it yet! Building stronger, deeper, and more meaningful patient relationships for years to come. The key here is to send the right message to the right audience at the right time. We work with your practice to accomplish this.

These are just a few of the automated systems we can utilize to help you attract, retain, and love more of your ideal patients.

Step 3: Attract More of Your Ideal Patients to Your Funnels

The best marketing in the world is useless unless people are reading it! When someone receives your content and searches for the type of treatment you provide, you need your marketing to be educational, engaging, and have more than one touch point. We’ve built, tested, proven, and continue to improve our marketing assets to increase your patient engagement, and ultimately, your treatment starts.

We oversee audio, video, direct mail, newspaper, email, and text messaging content and collateral, as well. The type of multi-channel communication and marketing our system provides ensures all of your patients will be loved, nurtured, and educated on their terms before, during, and after they get to your treatment room.

Through opt-in marketing via text, email, website, landing pages, and in-office methods, you will begin to build a treasure trove of segmented lists, topics of interest from your patients, and a growing list of the 42+ million patients wanting more information but who are not yet ready to come in…who we will nurture for you until they are ready!

Here is just one fraction of the private-practice proven marketing assets in our vault.

Step 4: Match Your Internal & External Marketing

The best patient in the world will lose trust in you and your practice if upon entering your office they see a different look, feel, and internal marketing message from what brought them into your office in the first place. We partner with your practice to make sure your internal marketing needs match what you are doing in print, radio, tv, and online! With our medical-based internal marketing support, your practice will differentiate from the big-box salesmen, corporate retail, and O.T.C. options

Here is just one example of five internal marketing posters we provided to clients throughout the country for next quarter.

Step 5: Hold Your Marketing Dollars Accountable

 Over 80% of marketing dollars are wasted according to recent reports!

Marketing is all about testing, which we’ve now done across the country (and world) with our proven content, assets, and systems! After all, what worked yesterday may not work today, and what works today may not work tomorrow. For this reason, we provide you with a proprietary dynamic phone call, text message, email link, and opt-in page tracking and categorization system which helps us help you to get a profitable return on your marketing investment.

With dynamic tracking, a unique phone number or link appears to prospects in their marketing based on where that person entered your funnel. Additionally, we listen to every incoming call and classify it into one of five categories: existing patient, a lead that turned into an appointment, a lead that didn’t turn into an appointment, a missed call, or a non-lead call. With this information, we are able to determine which systems, links, and campaigns generate the most leads.

We take all of this data and share it with you. Then, we work together with you to identify which campaigns are producing the best results. We start with a small test budget at first to identify the pockets of profit that exist in your market. Then we scale up advertising in the areas that are producing strong results. We continue to collect data and review it throughout your relationship with us. In this way, we always stay on top of the market and continue to change and tweak your marketing system as needed. We never stop holding your marketing dollars accountable.

Would you like to learn more about what we do and how we can help your practice prosper? Click here to schedule an appointment with our top marketing strategist today. We look forward to meeting you!