Meet Our Marketing Team

Each member of our leadership team is required to spend time each quarter in actual hearing health care offices to learn how their marketing, systems, and automations are used and deployed by Marketing Teams, Patient Care Coordinators, Treatment Coordinators, Doctors, Specialists, and Audiologists. In addition to time spent ‘in clinic’ each marketing piece of marketing content, system, and concept is tested and proven in our private practice.  What other audiology marketing company can say that?


Marjorie Clark-Houk, Owner

Marjorie has been with AUDMA since Day 1.  She has worked endlessly to help bring automated systems to hearing health care practices, audiologists, and hearing specialists around the country.  These systems allow practice owners to educate, nurture, love and treat more patients so that they have freedom to travel, spend time with their families and hobbies, and ultimately to leave a legacy behind. She first gained experience in systems and project management at a Fortune 500 manufacturing company, and then moved to educate the masses through her work in journalism.

Her specialties include strategic planning, fact finding, and deployment of automated systems, so that we may continue to bring you the most innovative and proven marketing automation funnels, systems and tools possible. Instinctually described as a ‘Strategic Planner’ by Kathy Kolbe, the world’s leading authority on human instincts, Marjorie continues to translate our visionary concepts into usable and translatable systems for our clients.

  • Audiology’s First Automation System Certified Engineer
  • Intricate Knowledge of Blueprint, CounselEar, and Integrations
  • Responsible for the automated marketing system resulting in a 2x Inc. 5000 Recognition
  • Project Manager for #1 New Release, “The Renegade Audiology Mindset Guide”
  • Champion of the Private Practitioner and Cheerleader for the Underdogs

Justin Bateman, Director of Account Results

Justin is instrumental to our ability to deliver exceptional results to our clients at AUDMA! Justin has worked in America’s Highest Rate Hearing Care office, as a Patient Experience Coordinator and as a Hearing Instrument Specialist, for over 4 years and has seen the mindset, systems, and growth first hand. His specialties include systems analysis, improvements, and continuously asking ‘WHY’, so that we may continue to analyze feedback from clients, results from our systems, and drive growth for your office. At his core, Justin was born to analyze systems, results, and recommend improvements and solutions and his position at AUDMA allows him the opportunity to do that for our system and for your so you can focus on living the life you want.

‘System Analyst’ is how he is described by Kathy Kolbe, the world’s leading authority on human instincts, Justin continues to drive improvements in practices and systems across this country. His impact on our organization, the profession, and the world includes:

  • AUDMA’s Most Experienced Clinician Working With Patients
  • Spent 4 Years Working Inside of America’s #1 Rated Hearing Health Care Offices
  • Holds the keys to the ‘Data Vault’ of what is and is not working in America’s Best
  • Hearing Health Care practices
  • Leading Data and Systems Analysis in Multiple Hearing Health Care Organizations based on Disney Institute and Ritz Carlton methods
  • Champion of the private practitioner in the audiology field

Trevor Smith, Director of Automation Systems

Trevor is the ‘wizard behind the scenes’ when it comes to many of the automation systems at AUDMA. If you wonder how it is that hearing health care practices throughout the country now have the systems, tools, and automated integrations that were once reserved for large corporations its because of Trevor’s engineering prowess. As the Director of Automations, Trevor makes sure your system has been properly developed and that campaigns, triggers, timers, and integrations are synced so that your practice grows on auto-pilot with very little need to stress or worry.

Since 2008, Trevor has been focused on marketing, systems, integrations and automations for small and medium-sized businesses. “Details and Systems” are the focus of his natural instincts, and we like to think of him as our ‘system engineer & mechanic’ keeping your practices growing 24/7/365!