1060 S Main Street STE 101A, St. George UT 84770

1060 S Main Street STE 101A, St. George UT 84770

1060 S Main Street STE 101A, St. George UT 84770

Automated Marketing System

Automated Audiology Marketing Systems Ready to be Deployed in Your Market

Audiology Marketing Systems Ready To Be Deployed through Automation In Your Market!

Setting up a marketing automation plan for your audiology practice is one of the best investments you can make. We have our teamed trained and certified with Infusionsoft, which can help your audiology practice be more efficient and deliver better patient care. Infusionsoft is a versatile program that can assist in countless ways in your hearing care practice, including sending out automated emails, text messages, letters, faxes, as well as physical mailings and task reminders to your staff, and much more than ‘Mailchimp on Steroids’. Any task that you or an employee is doing multiple times a week can probably be automated, and our proven system has 23 base campaigns to do just that. This will free up staff and specialist time, and it will also make sure crucial tasks get completed the way that you want them done, every time, without fail or human error!

Infusionsoft Integration

AUDMA can help you get aspects of your practice automated through Infusionsoft. If you are new to practice we deploy and implement our audiology and hearing care focused system so you can run your practice on autopilot. We will take care of managing the campaigns and train your team on how to best utilize these resources.

If you currently have an Infusionsoft account, we can help you maximize the results you are getting or help you set up new campaigns. If you have purchased the Infusionsoft Swipe File from AuDExperts and would like to further customize the product or need help implementing the system, we can assist in these aspects as well.

Infusionsoft and practice automation is oftentimes misunderstood and under-utilized. If set up and implemented properly, it can be one of the best investments you’ve made for your practice. We work closely with practice management system Blueprint OMS, Sycle, and CounselEar OMS to avoid double entry and with AuDExperts to deliver customized versions of their proven private practice marketing that has generated over $107 million in treatment revenue and grown their own private practices from $437k per year to an empire generating $8.7million in just a few years.