1060 S Main Street STE 101A, St. George UT 84770

1060 S Main Street STE 101A, St. George UT 84770

1060 S Main Street STE 101A, St. George UT 84770

Internal Marketing Tools for Hearing Care Practices

The market is changing; we have O.T.C. hearing aids on their way, Managed Care and their minuscule Fitting Fees, and Insurance with ever decreasing reimbursements. Referrals from general physicians will soon be a thing of the past. With the plunging rate of physician referrals, increased competition by manufacturer-owned stores and big-box retail the audiology landscape as we know it will never be the same. This is why developing an internal marketing system in your practice is the best investment you can make.

Your patient list is the most valuable asset of your practice. Every patient has friends and family and with a comprehensive, AUTOMATED, internal marketing program, you can create a culture of referrals, and start building an endless chain of referring patients.

Automated Internal Referral Masterplan

The Automated Internal Referral Masterplan by AUDMA is at the core of everything we do. The Automated Internal Referral Masterplan can increase your patient referrals, improve your online reputation, and keep your patients engaged with your practice through a combination of:

  • Automated Personalized Relationship Nurturing
  • Social Media Growth and Raving Reviews
  • Online and Offline Patient Marketing Campaigns

“My name is Doctor Amy Sapodin, I’m an audiologist and a co-owner of advanced hearing center on Long Island and New York City. When I first heard that you could automate marketing, very quickly I realized how brilliant that was, I thought I would try to do it on my own and was completely unsuccessful and I jumped onboard maybe a year later than I should’ve, that was a major uhm, mistake on my part should I say cause I probably lost a million dollars in doing that. They have been a trustworthy company, a creative company, their content has been outstanding, and top-notch, and I really could not ask for anything more and automating my system taking a lot of those things off my plate, make me not have to worry about those things and they really contributed to doubling my business over the past couple years. “

– Doctor Amy Sapodin: Advanced Hearing Center, NY

We hear from doctors and specialists all the time who tried and failed to implement a referral program in their practice. Here are the biggest reasons why:

  • My employees won’t do it
  • My patients aren’t engaged
  • We just can’t do it consistently

With the Automated Internal Referral Masterplan, your patient referral program will run on autopilot with minimal participation from your employees. You can communicate with and engage you patients on a regular basis and ethically persuade them to take action that helps your practice grow. We consistently communicate with your patients by using a combination of automated, personalized, media that includes:

  • Gifting
  • Direct mail
  • Social media
  • Email
  • Text messaging

With our fully automated system, we can deliver the right messages at the right time to your patients without you or your staff having to lift a finger.

With audiology and hearing clients in over 40 states and 3 countries, AUDMA’s team has a proven marketing system that can work in every market and in every office. You don’t have to hire more full-time employees or spend hours figuring this out on your own. Put our team of marketing professionals to work for you.

“The Blueprint OMS integration with AUDMA’s automation system works seamlessly. The AUDMA system nurtures our leads and patients without us having to do any additional input into Blueprint OMS. All campaigns are updated and launched seamlessly. The AUDMA system is the most powerful marketing tool I’ve ever come across in this industry and together with Blueprint OMS’ system, it allows me to put my practice on autopilot.”

– Doctor Tim Winstead

Get started with the Automated Internal Referral Masterplan by AUDMA in your practice as part of our automation system, and if after 3 months you don’t feel like you’ve grown 10-40%, let us know and we will refund all the money you spent with us. No Questions Asked and we will part as friends!

In case that wasn’t enough we also have NO CONTRACTS. Period. We are very confident in our abilities to grow your practice and increase your patient referrals. We believe that if you aren’t seeing the results, then you shouldn’t keep paying us. It’s that simple.

We gladly offer this guarantee, and to date we’ve never had to use it. WE SIMPLY REFUSE TO HAVE UNHAPPY CLIENTS. We know that this will be the most successful automated internal marketing program you’ve ever had in your practice and that’s why we offer our “More Educated New Patients Guarantee”.

After coaching hundreds of practice owners, we know all the reasons why implementing my marketing strategies can be so difficult. Most doctors are busy seeing patients and running a practice and can’t do it all themselves. You really need a team behind you to make this happen. Erik and AUDMA get it. Not only have they used our marketing content and new patient conversion strategies to grow their clients’ practices, but they have also assembled a great team of professionals that can do the same thing for you. If you’re finally ready to boost your practice with the marketing, management and conversion strategies we’ve created and have successfully used to generate over $100 million in treatment revenue for our clients and privately-held practices, you need to stop what you’re doing, run to your phone or computer, and get in touch with Erik or Spencer at AUDMA immediately”

– Jared M. Brader, MBA & Dr. Keith N. Darrow, PHD

Stop stressing about the future of our industry and instead START DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Take action and start building a culture of referrals with the Automated Internal Referral Masterplan by AUDMA.

To learn more about the Automated Internal Referral Masterplan by AUDMA click the button below and request a complimentary strategy session.