What Audiologists are Saying

Two years ago I purchased a few audiology practices to create the Hearing & Balance Center of New England. At the time I really didn’t know much about working my patient databases or how to market them. I just jumped into servicing patients and did not have the time to find out about what I had. There wasn’t any formal marketing of the practice, I was using form letters that didn’t produce much of a response.

Our database was large but there was a lot of bad contact information. I needed to know more about my patients to be able to effectively service them and I was looking for ways to get more new patients. At that time I was starting to get stressed and burned out from being pulled in too many directions.

Then I met Jared at a live seminar I attended. I heard him speak about his practices and what he was doing. How he had created an automated marketing system that consistently grew his practice. How he was about to acquire new practices without spending more time marketing them. That was what I wanted.

Within 2 weeks he helped me install the AuDExperts system into my practice. Jared taught me how to nurture my patients, to show appreciation to them, to communicate and educate them on a regular basis. The things I wanted to do but wasn’t quite sure how.

The AuDExperts system allowed me to become the best advocate for hearing solutions in my area. I gained greater exposure on the internet, I even went from 1 online review to over 50 reviews. This marketing system is incredible, I started nurturing all my prospects and patients through emails, thank you cards, automated phone and text messages. My practice has grown 300% this month because of Jared.

He has provided me more out of life with my practice and that is everything to me. I can support and be with family more often. The AuDExperts system has given me a perspective to get and keep better patients and find out their needs. Jared has helped me have a greater vision of what my practice can be and I didn’t have that before.

I strongly recommend the AuDExperts system and Jared for growing any Audiology Practice.

Keith N. Darrow, PhD, CCC-A
Owner Hearing and Balance Centers of New England

“Jared is a marketing genius! He is one of the most talented business owner/consultants I know. Jared has a proven record of taking a small mom and pop hearing clinic and growing it to a multi million dollar business in just 3 short years. Despite his extreme business savvy, Jared is a very genuine and caring person and he has helped many business owners with very creative marketing solutions and stellar business advice.”

Dr. Kamal Elliott, Au.D.
Clinic Director A&E Audiology Hearing Aid Center

Passionate. Innovative. Game Changing Ideas. Jared represents these concepts in his work and in his results. We hired Jared to transform our marketing approach after unimpressive runs with large buying groups and “industry experts” and he did just that. He helped us grow and we haven’t looked back since. We highly recommend Jared’s expertise in the field of strategic marketing automation, marketing management, and for his guaranteed results that will catapult your business.

Molly LeRoy, AuD, CCC-A
Managing Clinical Audiologist ENT House of Hearing in Salt Lake City, Utah

Jared’s structure, systems, and marketing automation savvy have catapulted my practice into dominance in our market; doubling our sales in less than 6 months. I recommend Jared and his system for any audiologist looking to finally capitalize on their clinic, by freeing up time to help patients, visit family, and reduce the ‘burn-out’ so many of us have felt over the last 20 years.

Jeff Manwaring, MA, CCC-A
Founder and Clinical Audiologist Intermountain Audiology Hearing Clinics

What impressed us most was there are virtually no prospects, patients, or contacts slipping through the cracks when this system is in place.

Eric Nilsson, BC-HIS
Owner Nilsson Hearing Clinics

We’ve worked with many of the industry buying groups, support groups, networking groups and “experts” around; but Jared and his AuDExperts System has been the only practice growth system that has resulted in long-term profit maximizing results. We are in our second contract with Jared, this time as a Diamond Package client and all the benefits that entails continue to outperform the industry’s best consultants.

Jake LeRoy, BC-HIS
Owner House of Hearing

“We just started working with Jared and can only tell you results: Our June was double that of last June!

Call it a perfect storm, call it lucky, call it what you will. I personally don’t believe in luck, based on results I would not hesitate in becoming a client of Jared’s. If we were the only practice with these kind of results it would lend itself to my being more cautious in my recommendation. As I understand it, we’re not alone.”

Thomas Schwartz
Co-Owner Audiology Concepts

“In 2014, our company began to use InfusionSoft. It was complicated, daunting, and required a lot more energy and focus than our company could dedicate to this one program. We sought endlessly for a solution. The concept was there, but there was no one who could tailor the basic marketing structure for the medical field, nonetheless audiology. Jared Brader and his company held the key to making the two fields come together symbiotically.

With Jared’s advisement in AuDExperts, we were able to have custom campaigns built with support for every part of the process. AuDExperts’ proven system was the perfect fit for our practice, and allowed us to nurture and maintain a rapport with all of our patients. It was cost effective, kindly worded, and efficient. We nurture and engage with all of our patients in some manner, whether it is digitally or via direct mail.

The various mediums of communication have conquered the hardships faced with the demographics of the industry. There was a way to contact the children, spouse, or caretaker of any patient via this system. AuDExperts has helped grow our practice exponentially since we’ve been able to automate a very personal relationship. I can’t wait to see what the next phase of our relationship with AuDExperts will bring!”

Amy Sapodin
Audiologist Advanced Hearing Centers

“He has allowed us the freedom to concentrate on our patients and practice while increasing the traffic to the practice”

Dr. Maura Chippendale, AuD
Owner and Doctor of Audiology Chippendale Audiology

“Words cannot begin to tell how much of a difference we have seen since starting with Jared and AuDExperts. This program allows us to do more of what we like to do, and that is help people hear. We no longer have to worry and stress about how to stay in touch with our patients and market to new clients. Jared’s system takes all the guess work out of it. In just two months time we are already seeing the difference. We are getting a much steadier flow of patients coming through our doors, and which in turn generates a much steadier cash flow in the business. We are now preparing to see our business grow even more as more of the system get put into play. Thanks so much Jared and AuDExperts.”

Paul Ashbrook
Owner and Audiologist Ashbrook Audiology

“I have been in Jared’s program for a few months. Unlike some others we did not get off to a blazing start. Jared has been diligently working with our unique situation and I believe this program will be a big part of our finishing solid this year, based on recent results and plans, and I look forward to my best year ever in 2017. Jared has a solid grasp on business marketing and plenty of knowledge in our industry. If your practice, like mine, is lacking “something”, and you just aren’t getting those reviews, web clicks, referrals, and you are spending too much money on mail, or worried about price competition, you should talk to Jared about AuDExperts!”

John Roberts
Owner Palm Bay Hearing

“We have always had a patient nurture program but it took so much time and energy to do it the right way. Working with AuDExperts has made it so much easier and the automation is excellent. We are just getting started but so far the results are impressive.”

Dr. Tim Winstead, AuD
Owner and Doctor of Audiology Hearing Doctors of Georgia

“We switched to AuDExperts and had the best 1st quarter we have had in 9 years.”

Dr. Judy Huch
Owner Hear in Tucson